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Client: Fable Branding + Scrubbi

Background: The Bril brand currently has two products under its brand umbrella: Feminine Product Privy and Scent Product Scentri. As Bril continues to expand to new categories, it is excited to introduce the newest brand: Scrubbi. 

Scrubbi is a small, on-the-go hand sanitizing sponge which provides an alternative to using a squirt of hand sanitizer and rubbing it on your hands.  It’s made to “scrubitize.”

Scrubbi’s positioning statement:
Through its unique scrubbing ability, Scrubbi provides superior, waterless, on-the-go hand sanitizing. Instead of simply rubbing sanitizer on the hands, anyone can “scrubitize” their hands anywhere and at any time. 

Create a complete brand identity for the Scrubbi brand. 

The potential to limit the brand benefits to focus on the COVID virus. 

Sanitizing is no longer a “dirty” word - it’s now a way of life.

Key Message:
Scrubbi is a handy new way to sanitize. 

Reasons to Believe:
- It’s much more than just “hand sanitizer.” Instead of squirting a dab of gel into your hands and gently smearing it around, use this unique sponge to kill germs by scrubbing them away. By combining scrubbing and sanitizer, Scrubbi is more effective than typical hand sanitizer at killing germs and viruses. It’s the next best thing to being at your sink.

- It goes everywhere you go. Our lives are busier than ever, and we need products that can keep up with us. Scrubbi is designed for your on-the-go life. Keep it in your purse, your pocket,  your car, your desk, wherever.

- It’s quick and easy-to-use. A convenient supplement to handwashing, Scrubbi is also just as simple as handwashing. Once the sanitizer has been inserted into the sponge, just scrub your hands. That’s it. Why just sanitize when you can scrubitize?

Things to Consider:
- Your new Scrubbi identity should feel like it's part of the overall Bril brand. Study Scentri. Study Privy. And then attack Scrubbi.

- The logo should do something with the "i." It can be subtle, but it's a focal point of each Bril brand.

- Consistency throughout all of your branding is critical. The look, feel, and tone should reinforce the Scrubbi brand at every point of contact.

- Visual look and feel (logo, color palette/design elements), tagline, packaging design (dimensions coming soon), website, social media elements

- Video content, print ads, non-traditional (nice-to-haves)

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Tuesday July 27 2021