who is this guy?

Simple Version
Graphic Design + Photographer + Web Designer

Located in Richmond, VA
BFA Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth

Less Simple Version

I’m someone who appreciates the care and time that goes into making something beautiful.
I’m thankful for people who have dedicated themselves to a craft that they are passionate about.
I aim to showcase the beauty and hard work I see in life through unique perspectives.
I believe that a lot of human connection is lost through communication.
I believe that everyone has the capability to see the beauty in everything when shown a perspective they can relate to and understand.
I believe that through this understanding, we will begin to see that we’re not all so different.
Through this understanding, we can grow.

what do you do?

I make tshirts, websites, posters, pictures, event promo, branding material, logos, candles, cool snacks, packaging, album artwork, and probably some other stuff.

I create when I’m inspired by the beauty or mystery of something. I create to make connections and to learn and understand a new perspective.


Tuesday July 27 2021